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Dyeing With Rust & Botanicals Ebook

Dyeing With Rust & Botanicals Ebook

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In this 'Dyeing With Rust & Botanicals Ebook' I'm excited to invite you to explore the captivating world of rust printing and natural dyes with me. This ebook presents a curated process based on my experience, workshops, online resources, and reference books.

Whether you are a beginner or an expert, this ebook welcomes you to the enchanting realms of rusting techniques and botanical dyeing. Enjoy a hands-on experience with practical tips and insights.

Key Topics Include:
  • Rust as a Medium
  • Suitable Fabrics for Dyeing
  • Natural Dye Essentials

Step-by-step Instructions with Photos Covering:
  • Preparing Fabrics
  • Printing on Fabric with Rusty Objects
  • Resist Tying / Shibori Techniques
  • Natural Dyeing
  • Aftercare

Dyeing Recipes and Guidelines for:
  • Marigold
  • Logwood
  • Tea

➣Format: PDF
➣Pages: 70
➣Size: A4 / Letter / Customizable
➣Resolution: High-quality for printing and digital viewing

Please note that this isn't the only way to print with rust; feel free to experiment. Additionally, this ebook focuses on combining rust printing and natural dyeing rather than an exhaustive course on natural dyeing.

This ebook is for personal use only. Any sharing, distribution, reproduction, or resale without written consent from Ebon Cloth Inc. is prohibited. Thank you for respecting the effort invested in creating this work.

*Purchased copies of this Ebook will not have Ebon Cloth Watermarks*


70 PDF Pages ~ 8.5" X 11"

Care Instructions

This eBook is provided to you for personal use only. You are expressly prohibited from sharing, distributing, reproducing, or reselling any part of this eBook, in any format or medium, without the explicit written consent of Ebon Cloth Inc. We kindly request your understanding and compliance in respecting the ownership and efforts that have gone into creating this work

Customer Caution

Please be advised that your textile may have mini-burns or holes from the rusting process. I repair more extensive burns with some visible mending/ small patches. Mostly this is aesthetic, as these burns will not affect the structural integrity.
I photograph all fabric flaws & add them to each listing, but if this is not something you would be ok with, please consider this warning, for some spots may slip by me.

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