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Natural Dye Project Planner

Natural Dye Project Planner

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Introducing the Dyer Digital Planner:
🌼 Your Comprehensive Companion for All Your Natural Dye Projects 

Are you ready to take your natural dye projects to the next level? Look no further, this meticulously crafted Dyer Digital Planner, designed to streamline every aspect of your creative journey, from conception to the final masterpiece - and beyond.

🌟 Our planner includes thoughtfully structured pages to help you: 

1. Plan: Organize your project from start to finish with precision.
2. Inspirations: Capture and nurture your creative sparks.
3. Resources: Keep track of essential references and materials.
4. Budget: Manage your project expenses efficiently.
5. Shopping Lists: Create and monitor your shopping essentials.
6. Recipes: Insert recipes needed for your project plan right into the planner.
7. Dye Sample: Document your dye experiments for future reference.
8. Track Inventory:Stay on top of your supplies effortlessly.
9. Future Plans: Sketch out your upcoming projects and ideas.

In addition to these indispensable features, our Dyer Digital Planner also offers exclusive recipes for scouring, mordanting, and crafting iron water solutions, empowering you with the knowledge you need for success.

✨ Key Features: ✨

➣ Hyperlinked Navigation:Seamlessly navigate between sections in your planner for quick and efficient access.
➣ Image Upload: Effortlessly upload and reference pictures for future use.
➣ 34 Pages: Providing ample space for your project details.
➣ 9.5” x 12” Format: A convenient size for both digital screens and easy portability.
➣ PDF Format: A digital solution that eliminates the need for paper.
➣ App Compatibility: Works flawlessly with popular apps like Notability and Goodnotes.
➣ Apple Pencil Compatible: Enhance your digital planning experience with precision stylus support.

Enhance your natural dyeing journey with our Dyer Digital Planner, an ideal companion to our Dyeing with Rust & Botanicals Ebook!! 😍 😍 😍

Elevate your creativity, stay organized, and achieve your dyeing goals effortlessly.


Care Instructions

Customer Caution

Please be advised that your textile may have mini-burns or holes from the rusting process. I repair more extensive burns with some visible mending/ small patches. Mostly this is aesthetic, as these burns will not affect the structural integrity.
I photograph all fabric flaws & add them to each listing, but if this is not something you would be ok with, please consider this warning, for some spots may slip by me.

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