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MYSTERY BUNDLES Naturally Dyed Fabric

MYSTERY BUNDLES Naturally Dyed Fabric

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These are the same bundles as my Naturally Dyed Bundles, except there are a surprise!! You will receive a mix of fabric types  😍

All Pieces have been hand dyed by myself. I have created the marbling effect with rusted objects, shibori techniques, and natural dyes. Most of these scrapes are upcycled/ recycled textiles

Ideal for smaller sewing projects, quilting, BORO patchwork, general patch work, slow stitch projects, and scrapbooking. Additionally, these naturally dyed fabric bundles are lusciously beautiful and perfect for framing as art pieces.

Pieces  👉🏼 8"X 9"
Bundle 👉🏼 6 Pieces 

Spend $75 and shipping is FREE 😍


8" X 9" Each Piece
6 Pieces

Care Instructions

I recommend hand washing in cold or spot washing as needed. Place in cold, soapy water and gently agitate. Then let soak for half an hour. You may see dye in the sink, especially from newer items, but don't worry; this is normal. Then, rinse with cold water until it runs clear. Lay flat to dry. Once dry, you can throw it in the dryer on low or no heat to soften it.

Customer Caution

Please be advised that your textile may have mini-burns or holes from the rusting process. I repair more extensive burns with some visible mending/ small patches. Mostly this is aesthetic, as these burns will not affect the structural integrity.
I photograph all fabric flaws & add them to each listing, but if this is not something you would be ok with, please consider this warning, for some spots may slip by me.

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